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Introductory Electrical Course for Beginners

Individuals partaking in the Introductory Electrical Course will go through introductory lessons designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills in order to be compliant in Part P of the building regulations. With this introductory/beginner electrician course, you will be able to carry on to study our other courses.


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Who is the Electrical Induction Course For? 

  • Individuals who want to carry out basic electrical installation.
  • Beginners who have no experience.

This introductory electrical course is designed to teach you the basics of electrical principles and give some practical training to be able to complete works such as installing power to a boiler, shower or cooker.

Candidates who enrol on this course will:

The Introductory Electrical Course for Beginners, alongside the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, can provide electricians with the practical skills, relevant knowledge and competence to undertake, kitchen fitting, plumbing, heating engineering or building and needs to engage in some electrical work as part of their job, such as, installing power to a boiler, shower or cooker.

At the end of the course you may wish to carry on your studies by discussing with your course manager what options you have. You will have the option to pay an extra fee to upgrade to another course package.

You can check here for our Individual or Package Courses if you wish to observe other opportunities.

Units Covered by the Introductory Electrical Course:


Theory Electrical Course

  • Applicable Building Regulations
  • Electrical safety, legislation, regulations, standards & terminology.
  • Installation of a garden security light installing it with the use of SWA cable
  • Inspecting, testing and commissioning a domestic single-phase circuit.
  • Special locations and installations

Practical Electrical Course

  • Basics / Foundations
  • Basic lighting circuits
  • 2 way lighting circuits
  • 2 way lighting and intermediate circuits
  • Radial power circuits
  • (Cooker points and Shower circuits etc.)
  • Ring final circuits (sockets)
  • Earthing and bonding procedures
  • Selecting cable sizes and calculating load demands
  • Introduction to electrical regulations
  • Health & safety
  • Safe Isolation procedures
  • Electrical calculations


You may want to consider you progression options after the Introductory Electrical Course for Beginners. You can look into our Package Courses such as Basic, Intermediate or Professional and ask for this section to be removed from the package when booking.

Why LTS for a Beginner Electrical Course?

LTS is an ambitious training centre that inspires to lead in its field.

We have a team of trainers who have been in this industry for years and instilled with great passion for what they do. LTS aspires to raise the future generations of electricians and give them the experience, skill set and qualifications to be successful in their industry.

Our trainers have years of experience in this industry teaching with passion and have exceptional pass rate records to help you get the qualifications you desire.

The Electrical Courses on offer are tailored to the needs of students and what our trainers believe is crucial, to get you the accreditation you seek.

LTS is designed to cater to the needs of its students and help them succeed by giving them the flexibility to do so.

  • Part-time / Evening Training
  • Highly Experienced Tutors
  • Career Guidance
  • Small sized classes (Extra one-to-one support) 
  • Payment in monthly Instalments
  • Price Matching

Introductory Electrical Course

Dates & Duration

  • 3rd June – 3 Days Training.  (08:30 – 16:30)
  • 16th September – 7 Evenings.  (18:00 – 21:00)
  • 30th September – 3 Days Training.  (08:30 – 16:30)
  • 10th October – 3 Days Training.  (08:30 – 16:30)

2 Days/w = 3 Days

2 Evenings/w = 7 Evenings



You will be expected to have your own copies of these books when attending our Introductory Electrical Course


IET – Electrician’s Guide to the Building Regulations (ISBN 978-1839532542)

IET – On-Site Guide (ISBN 978-1839532276)

IET – Requirements for Electrical Installations – Wiring Regulations (ISBN 978-1839532184)


On Site Guide

img-18theditionBuilding Regulations book amendment 2