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Step 2: Four Steps to Success in Becoming an Electrician


Step 2: Gain Practical Experience or Pursue Level 3 Electrotechnical Craft Diploma

Upon successfully completing the Professional Electrician Package Course, you have two distinct pathways for the next stage in your journey.

Option 1: Gaining Experience

1. CITB Health & Safety Awareness: Site Safety Plus Course:

Take the next step by enrolling in a 1-day CITB Health & Safety Awareness course. This certification not only enhances your safety knowledge but also qualifies you for an ECS White Card, officially recognising you as an “electrical labourer.”

2. Field Experience and Competent Persons Scheme:

Embark on a hands-on journey, gaining two years of field experience. Join a Competent Persons Scheme like NICEIC or NAPIT, empowering you to self-certify your installations, work independently, and unlock significant income opportunities.

– Entry-Level Positions:

Start your practical experience with entry-level positions, working under the guidance of seasoned electricians. This hands-on training is crucial for honing your skills and knowledge, preparing you for more intricate projects in the future.

– Volunteering or Internships:

Consider volunteering or interning with local electrical companies or organisations. This not only provides valuable exposure to various facets of the industry but also allows you to network, learn from professionals, and apply your skills in real-world scenarios.

Once you have accumulated a minimum of five years of experience, you can seamlessly progress to step 3 of your journey.

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Option 2: Level 3 Electrotechnical Craft Diploma

Alternatively, for those seeking an expedited route to becoming an electrician, the apprenticeship option is available. Complete the Level 2 Electrotechnical Diploma exams and enrol in the Level 3 Electrotechnical Craft Diploma (Level 3 2365), a comprehensive programme that can be pursued on a full-time basis. This course typically spans for 7 weeks long, providing in-depth training and practical experience. Upon successful completion of the diploma, you can seamlessly transition to step 3 of the process, advancing further in your journey toward becoming a qualified electrician.

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