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Everything To Know About The 18th Edition Amendment 2 | LTS

Everything To Know About The 18th Edition Amendment 2 | LTS

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The 18th Edition Amendment 2 refers to the latest rules/regulations surrounding electrical wiring and installations in the UK. It is vital that those working within the electrotechnical sector are aware of and hold certification of the latest wiring regulations set out in the UK. This article will explore the importance of the wiring regulations, latest changes made within the new amendment, and how/where to gain certification of the latest wiring regulations in the UK.

Learn Trade Skills offers many electrical training courses in Hertfordshire, with the 18th Edition  Course being one of them. In this article, we will break down the most commonly asked questions regarding the latest version of the 18th Edition.

What is the 18th Edition?

The 18th Edition, also known as the BS 7671, is the British Standard for the Installation of electrical wiring. The Institute of Engineering and Technology sets out these guidelines to ensure both electricians and the public are safe during electrical installations. The 18th Edition was released in 2018, with the new/updated version being released recently this year.

What is the 18th Edition Amendment 2?

Like every edition, the 18th edition required updating due to the new technology and processes that continue to evolve. The first ever wiring regulations were introduced in 1882 and were only 4 pages! Since then, regulations are constantly being updated to reflect the advancement in technology, and changes in practices and processes.

What has changed?

The new version of the 18th Edition, Amendment 2, includes a few changes/additions such as protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances, prosumer’s low-voltage electrical installations, RCDs & Outdoor Lighting Installations, Wider Use of RCBO’s, AFDDs Mandated 421.1.7, and Testing of RCDs & RCBOs, energy efficiency within installations. And changes to Electric Vehicle Charging installations.

Why is it important for electricians to hold certification in the latest wiring regulations (18th Edition Amendment 2)?

Nearly all employers will require electricians to hold the 18th edition amendment 2 certification as it ensures that they understand and are fully aware of the rules, procedures, and regulations to follow to ensure a safe electrical installation. 

Where can I get my 18th Edition Amendment 2 certification? 

Many electrical training centres throughout the UK offer the 18th Edition Amendment 2 Course, which is usually a 2–3-day course. Upon completing and passing the BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulation exam, you will be rewarded with certification.

Learn Trade Skills provides many electrical courses, with the 18th Edition Amendment 2 being one of them. These courses take place at our electrical training centre in Hertfordshire, Cheshunt. You can find out more by visiting the following link to our electrical courses. https://learntradeskills.co.uk/product/18th-edition/ 

What is the exam like? 

There is one exam included; a two hour computer-based multiple-choice test. The exam is also open book, with 60 questions to answer, giving you 2 minutes per question. It is vital to know the book well enough to ensure you know where to look and answer each question quickly. You would also be required to use a scientific calculator for some of the questions. The current pass mark is 60%, although it is said to differ based on the national average.

Book required for the 18th Edition exam:

18th Edition Amendment 2

LTS | Electrical Courses

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